Remote Monument Series

“Rolling Monument / Carbon Car


To create a monument addressing the little known history and conditions following the decimation of the Great Bison Herds. From the estimated 35-60 million animals a staggering number of bones were left scattered across the bison range. Up to 7000 rail-car loads a year, for nearly 18 years, were loaded with the animals bones and sent to companies such as the Michigan Carbon Works to be burned for the production of Black Pigment – commonly known as “Bone Black”.

A railroad flat-car would be completely refurbished, sand-blasted and painted flat carbon black (Tnemec® / Imron®). A series of cast and fabricated cubes (as per model shown) would be installed on the deck and lighted from below. 

The illuminated monument would be hauled, anonymously, by rail across the great plain rail routes, to be glimpsed in transit. After several crossings the piece would be uncoupled and left as a remote monument on a pre-determined railroad siding.

An alternate temporary installation would be proposed for the Great Hall at Union Station Kansas City.